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Business Law and Commercial Litigation Law Firm in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Whether your business is in need of an attorney to assist with drafting or interpreting a contract, pursuing or defending a claim for damages or enforcing a non-compete agreement against a former employee, Mr. Watson can provide pragmatic, customized legal advice and representation designed to address any number of your business’s legal needs. Contact Jay B. Watson, P.A. today and make an appointment to discuss the specific legal needs of your business directly with Mr. Watson.


When Experience Matters…

Over the course of the past 21 years, Mr. Watson has employed his education, skill, and experience to provide effective legal representation and services for partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations involved in the following business law and commercial litigation matters:

  • Breach(es) of contract
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Shareholder / LLC member disputes
  • Lender / borrower and banking litigation
  • Violation(s) of non-compete agreements
  • Contract misinterpretation
  • Breaches of fiduciary duty/duties
  • Tortious interference with business relationships / tortious interference with contracts
  • Claims under Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA)
  • Fraud and/or misrepresentation claims
  • Drafting, interpreting, and enforcing business contracts and commercial agreements, including, without limitation, commercial loan documents, commercial leases, commercial real estate purchase and sale agreements, etc.

With decades of experience representing and providing legal services for businesses and business owners, Mr. Watson has the knowledge and skill necessary to provide business-minded advice and counsel for small and large businesses alike. Contact Jay B. Watson, P.A. today to find out how your business may benefit by retaining an experienced business law and commercial litigation attorney.

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Personalized Service

At Jay B. Watson, P.A., Mr. Watson is committed to meeting and personally dealing with each and every client to better understand each client’s needs, goals, and expectations in retaining an attorney to represent his or her business. Should you decide to retain Jay B. Watson, P.A., you can count on receiving personalized service from an experienced, knowledgeable business law and commercial litigation attorney.

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