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Construction Law and Litigation Attorney in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Whether you are a contractor seeking to be paid or a property owner seeking to enforce a contractor’s contractual obligations, Jay B. Watson, P.A. may be able to help. Since 2000, Mr. Watson has assisted dozens of contractors and subcontractors with preparing or enforcing construction contracts and construction liens. Conversely, Jay has also represented multiple property owners in actions involving construction defects or other issues related to the performance of a construction contract. From disputes over construction costs and construction defect claims to enforcement of contractual obligations and payment issues, Mr. Watson has the skill and experience necessary to assist you in dealing with construction-related matters.

Experienced Construction Law and
Litigation Law Firm

Whether you are seeking to avoid a potential construction-related dispute or seeking to resolve an existing one, Mr. Watson may be able to help. Over the years, Mr. Watson’s firm has successfully handled and resolved dozens of construction-related matters including, without limitation, the following:

  • Construction defect claims
  • Claims of substandard labor, services, and/or materials
  • Preparing, recording, and foreclosing construction liens
  • Defending construction lien foreclosure actions
  • Pursuing / defending claims for damages resulting from a breach or breaches of a construction contract
  • Claims for recovery of money from the Florida Homeowners Construction Recovery Fund
  • Construction contract drafting and/or review

With over two decades of experience drafting, reviewing, and/or enforcing construction contracts and construction liens and litigating a variety of disputes involving construction-related claims, Mr. Watson has the knowledge and skill necessary to provide sound, effective legal advice and counsel to individuals and businesses in matters involving construction-related claims. Contact Jay B. Watson, P.A. today for assistance with determining, advancing, and/or protecting your rights in connection with a construction-related matter.

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Goal-Oriented, Personalized Legal Representation

At the law firm of Jay B. Watson, P.A., Mr. Watson is committed to actively listening to his clients in order to thoroughly assess the specific legal needs of each client and understand the goals each client hopes to accomplish in a legal matter. By properly assessing the specific needs and understanding the goals of each of the firm’s clients, Mr. Watson is better able to provide legal counsel and representation specifically tailored to assist each client in his efforts to achieve the best possible outcome in a given situation. Contact Jay B. Watson, P.A. today to learn how Jay may be able to assist you in achieving the best possible outcome for your next construction-related matter.

Benefit by Retaining a Knowledgeable Legal Professional

Whether you are a contractor, subcontractor or property owner, retaining a qualified, knowledgeable attorney to represent you in a construction-related matter can be the difference between successfully resolving a construction-related issue in your favor or not. For more than two decades, Mr. Watson has been providing clients with quality legal representation and effective legal advice in construction-related matters. If you are in need of a knowledgeable, experienced attorney to assist you or your business in dealing with a construction-related matter, contact Jay B. Watson, P.A. today.

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