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Circuit Civil Mediator in Jacksonville Beach, FL

As a Florida Supreme Court certified Circuit Civil mediator, Jacksonville Beach attorney Jay B. Watson is qualified to provide professional mediation services in Circuit Civil matters throughout the State of Florida. During his more than 21-year career as an attorney, Mr. Watson has gained considerable experience representing hundreds of corporate clients and individuals in a myriad of real estate, construction, and contractual disputes and business and commercial litigation matters. Armed with a vast understanding and appreciation of the unique issues and challenges faced by parties to a civil lawsuit, Mr. Watson can help facilitate effective and meaningful communication and negotiation among parties seeking to resolve their dispute through mediation. Whether you find yourself in the throes of contentious litigation or whether you are seeking to avoid the expense and uncertainty of a lawsuit altogether, contact Jay B. Watson, P.A. today to learn more about the advantages and benefits mediation can offer as a refreshing dispute resolution alternative to litigation.

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Resolve Your Dispute on Your Own Terms

Mediation offers a compelling alternative to litigation for resolving a dispute. Unlike the Court, a mediator’s role is not to compel an agreement or decide a case for the parties. A mediator will not issue a decision in favor of one party or the other. Instead, the role of an effective mediator is to facilitate meaningful communication and negotiation among the parties in an effort to assist the parties with resolving their dispute on terms acceptable to them. Once an agreement is reached, the mediator will reduce the terms of the parties’ settlement to writing in the form of an enforceable agreement signed by each party.

Mediation Offers Distinct Advantages Over Litigation

With litigation, parties to a lawsuit use the state or federal court system to resolve their dispute. While litigation offers certain advantages as a method for resolving a parties’ dispute, the disadvantages of litigation include the uncertainty of outcome, the expense of protracted litigation, and the stress and anxiety one or both parties may experience while participating in or preparing for a trial. Conversely, with mediation, the parties are better able to dictate a mutually acceptable outcome to their dispute, the costs incurred to mediate a dispute are often lower than those incurred in litigating a dispute through trial, and the parties typically experience less stress and anxiety with mediation, which is a less formal, more flexible dispute resolution procedure. Other benefits of mediation include:


Many court filings contain information easily accessed by the general public. With mediation, a mediator is prohibited from disclosing or revealing much, if not all, of the information, exchanged between or shared by the parties during mediation.

More Autonomy

Mediation offers the parties the ability to craft their own unique, individualized solution to their problem or settlement of their dispute. Parties have much more control over the outcome.

Less Time Consuming

Mediation is typically a less time-consuming process than litigation as it can sometimes take in excess of a year or more to litigate a dispute through trial.

Relationship Preservation

With mediation, the parties are more likely and encouraged to communicate and cooperate with one another in crafting a settlement agreement. This may not only serve to increase the likelihood of compliance with the terms of a settlement, but it may also serve to reduce hostility among the parties, thereby helping to preserve relationships.

At Jay B. Watson, P.A., we believe there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for every legal dispute. Contact us today to discuss how Mr. Watson may be able to assist you with reaching a mutually agreeable resolution to your legal dispute through mediation.

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