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Probate, Estate, Trust, and Fiduciary Litigation Law Firm in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Unfortunately, no matter how well-planned or comprehensive an estate plan may be, disputes or disagreements over a loved one’s estate plan may arise following his/her death. Disputes may also arise over the lack of an estate plan or the improper administration of an otherwise well-drafted estate plan. These disputes or disagreements can often serve to further complicate an already difficult situation. Whether you are currently involved in pending probate or trust litigation or whether you have questions or concerns about the administration of a loved one’s estate, contact Jay B. Watson, P.A. today to make an appointment to discuss your situation with Mr. Watson.


Probate, Estate, Trust and Fiduciary Litigation Experience and Skill

Whether you are a beneficiary, heir, trustee, personal representative or another interested party who is or may be affected by the manner in which the trust or will of a family member or other loved one is or may be administered or whether you are pursuing or defending the proper administration of a loved one’s estate, contact Jay B. Watson, P.A. today for assistance. Over the course of the past two decades, Mr. Watson has handled dozens of various estate and trust litigation matters and related claims, including without limitation, the following:

  • Pursuing/defending claims of undue influence and/or capacity
  • Pursuing/defending claims of a serious breach of trust against a trustee of a trust
  • Enforcing/protecting a beneficiary’s right to an accounting of trust activities
  • Dealing with challenges to the spousal elective share
  • Construing the terms of an ambiguous will or trust
  • Defeating challenges seeking the removal of a trustee

Florida law requires, among other things, that a decedent’s estate be administered in a manner consistent with the decedent’s intent. Oftentimes, a properly drafted estate plan can help ensure the lawful administration of one’s estate. Other times, however, the lawful administration of a loved one’s estate may be disrupted by the ill-conceived efforts of a beneficiary, personal representative, trustee or other individual seeking to advance her own goals or self-interest. At Jay B. Watson, P.A., our goal is to resolve probate and trust disputes in a manner consistent with the intent of the deceased loved one and in a manner that best protects our client’s interests and assets while preserving family relationships. Contact Jay B. Watson, P.A. today to find out how Mr. Watson may be able to help with your probate or trust litigation needs.

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